Four Fundamental Precautions for Purchasing a Farm Water Storage Tank

27 December 2019
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If your old farm tank is damaged or you would like to purchase a new storage container for rain harvesting, it is important to understand your options. In simple terms, there are numerous types of water tanks available on the market for agricultural use. However, they might not all be suitable for your needs. If you are not cautious during purchase, you will not achieve the best results after container acquisition. Here are some central tips to keep in mind for successful water tank purchase.

Calculate Your Needs

One of the common mistakes made during water tank purchase for farms is poor sizing. Often, people fail to calculate their needs and suffer significant losses because of this. Therefore, when preparing to purchase a tank, you should determine the amount of water that you intend to store. For example, do you need smaller 50000 gallon water tanks for your homestead, or do you have a larger ranch that requires 7,000 gallons? The figure will depend on your farm size, daily requirements and water source. Then, compare the figure with the standard tank sizes on the before making your final decision.

Consider Water Safety

When choosing a tank, you must be clear on the purpose of the water. It is crucial to have a clear goal on the usage of the stored water because this will determine the optimal safety standards. In general, it is advisable to opt for a tank which can be used for storing potable water. If the stored water is not safe for drinking, it cannot be used for domestic purposes, and it might harm livestock. Therefor it is recommended to look for a certified tank approved for holding potable water.

Evaluate Your Space

The space on your farm should be taken into account when acquiring a storage tank. You must make certain that there is enough space on your land to place the container. This factor is of particular importance if you have already chosen a spot for installation, especially if there are obstructions around it. When selecting an area for tank placement, consider access issues, water source and usage. You must also decide on the optimal shape and dimensions for your storage tank.

Check for UV Protection

The local climate can be incredibly harsh on agricultural storage tanks, especially plastic ones. The constant exposure of tanks to intense sunlight can be highly detrimental. It may cause the premature deterioration of the container, and the quality of the stored water many be affected. Therefore, it is imperative to acquire a tough tank made with materials containing UV stabilising agents to ensure long-term service and optimal water safety.