Why Buy a 4-in-1 Bucket With Pinned Teeth?

3 March 2020
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Adding a 4-in-1 bucket to your farm's tractor enables you to do different types of jobs without changing attachment. As you look at models, you have to decide whether to buy a bucket that comes with a cutting bar or individual teeth.

If you think you want to go with teeth, then you also have to decide whether to choose ones that are permanent or detachable. In some cases, detachable pinned teeth are the most versatile solution.

How do these teeth work, and why should you go for this option?

How Do Pinned Teeth Work?

Pinned teeth don't have to be permanently attached to a 4-in-1 bucket. You attach them when you're working on jobs that need a certain type of cutting edge.

Typically, you use pins and locks to fix teeth into place. Depending on the manufacturer's design, a pin goes through the side or top of each tooth to attach it to the edge of the bucket. You then lock the pin in place.

If you then need to use a different type of tooth on a job, you simply detach the existing teeth and swap in new ones. If you're working on a job that doesn't need teeth, then you take them off the bucket.

Why Go for Pinned Teeth?

Permanently fixed teeth have limitations. You are stuck with the teeth you choose when you buy the bucket. You can't take them off or switch to a different type.

This may affect your ability to work on different jobs around your farm. Plus if one tooth breaks, you'll probably have to replace the whole bar.

Detachable pinned teeth are more versatile. You choose whether to use teeth or not. You can also select the right product for each job.

For example, if you're working on soft ground, then standard chisel teeth are a good bet. However, if you're digging in harder or rocky ground, then chisel teeth aren't always effective. They won't necessarily get good purchase in these conditions. They may not be able to dig around stones and rocks.

In this case, it makes more sense to switch to pronged tiger teeth. These teeth can break into hard ground more easily and can better cope with obstructions.  

Some 4-in-1 buckets also allow you to slot a slip-on bar over teeth. This gives you a full cutting edge if you need it.

Finally, if a pinned tooth breaks or wears down, you simply buy a single replacement. You don't need to replace all the teeth when this happens.

To find out more about your digging and cutting options, talk to 4-in-1 bucket suppliers like Norm Engineering.