Top Tips When Buying a Solis 90 Tractor

4 March 2020
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Modern tractors are renowned for their durability. They are your best bet for various farm applications such as hauling, landscaping, planting, irrigation and harvesting. The excerpt below discusses the various considerations you should make when purchasing a tractor.

Intended Use

How do you intend to use the tractor? A 25 hp (horsepower) tractor is ideal for light duties such as raking and mowing. A 90 hp tractor has an excellent transmission and hydraulic system. It can be used for tilling, excavation, loading, harrowing and spreading compost. Tractors with over 100 hp can be used for challenging tasks such as hauling heavy equipment, harvesting and spraying pesticides. 

Tractor dealers sell a wide range of tractor attachments ranging from buckets, potato planters, mowers, log splitters and winches. The equipment is easy to attach and detach. As such, you will not need a mechanic's expertise to change the attachments.


Other than the tractor's power, you may also be interested in luxury features such as the availability of air conditioning and the comfort of the seat. These are essential if you will spend hours working with the tractor. A roof will safeguard you against harsh weather such as the sun or heavy rains.

New or Used

Your budget is the primary determinant of whether you will purchase a new or used tractor. Below are some useful tips to help you buy a used tractor:

  1. Conduct some research to determine the tractor's current market value. Typically, newer models and well-maintained tractors will cost more.
  2. Visually inspect the tractor for signs of frame damage, engine leakage, failing suspension and worn-out tires. First-time buyers should ask for a pre-purchase inspection report from a reputable garage.
  3. Ask for a test drive to examine the engine performance and identify issues with the transmission and braking systems.
  4. Check the ease of use. For instance, a tractor with a power steering and a live power take-off shaft is easier to operate.
  5. Ask the seller to provide the tractor's service and maintenance records. They give a clear picture of whether the owner took good care of the tractor. Besides, you will know which parts require urgent maintenance.

Take advantage of low season discounts when buying a new tractor. Most dealerships provide after-sales services such as free service, insurance and guarantees on the various parts and attachments.

A new tractor will help increase the productivity of your farm. Choose a tractor with advanced features and one that can handle a wide range of farm applications. Observe the recommended tips when buying new and used tractors like Solis 90 tractors