Key Benefits of Buying Dog Food Containing Animal By-Products

21 December 2020
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Although a dog is a man's best friend, an unhealthy and starved canine is possibly dangerous to you and your family. Therefore, dog owners must ensure that their pets are adequately fed with nutritious food. That said, there is a common misconception that dog food made from animal by-products is less nutritious. However, nothing could be further from the truth because reputable dog food manufacturing companies only use the best animal by-products for their products. Unfortunately, most pet owners follow the misguided advice and shun any dog food containing animal by-products. This article highlights the benefits of feeding your pet with dog food enriched with animal by-products. 

Balanced Dog Food

A balanced diet is as vital to your dog's health as it is to yours. Dogs need all the right amounts of proteins, vitamins, fats, carbohydrates, and minerals for normal metabolism. One of the best sources of proteins is animals, which is why dog food containing animal by-products ensures that your pet gets the recommended daily protein intake. Moreover, animal by-products, such as liver, kidney, and brain, are rich sources of fats. It helps you avoid dog food laden with unknown sources of fats, which is dangerous to your pet. Therefore, next time you are out shopping, do not skip the dog food label that reads 'animal by-products.'

Less Food Waste

Food waste is a significant problem in Australia if you consider that the vice costs the economy around $20 billion each year. It is attributed to poor food preparation decisions from the family to the corporate level. Some high-end hotels throw away animal parts that they do not serve clients, such as chicken feet. Similarly, food manufacturers, such as canning companies, throw away animal parts they do not need. Therefore, by buying dog food enriched with animal by-products, you encourage dog food manufacturers to source more food. It goes a long way in curbing food waste in the country. 


Basically, animal by-products are parts that food manufacturers consider waste in their business line. Therefore, the companies do not mind giving the animal parts away freely or selling them at very low prices. It is an advantage to dog food manufacturers because they can price their products competitively. It makes animal by-product dog foods affordable compared to alternatives that contain meat products. The best part is that your pet will get the same nutrients, if not more, from the meat organs without straining your pockets.