Creative Ideas for Blending a Rainwater Tanks to a Property's Surroundings

23 July 2021
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Rainwater tanks are more than ever a necessity for city dwellers, especially if you consider the rising municipal water costs. With a rainwater tank, you can save money and still have enough water for various household uses. Unfortunately, most city dwellers believe that a rainwater tank is unsuitable for urban settings, and getting it to blend with the surrounding can be pretty challenging. However, nothing could be further from the truth since there are many ways of making a rainwater tank blend with city property. This article highlights creative ideas for concealing a rainwater tank.

Add Vegetation — If you live on a small property, a small rainwater tank is enough. Notably, the best place to install it is in the backyard, which provides an opportunity to get creative. For example, adding vegetation around and on the sides of a rainwater tank achieves a seamless backyard. Additionally, vegetation offers another layer of protection for a rainwater tank, especially if you install it in a spot without a shade. For instance, you can use climbers or grow kitchen herbs around a tank. However, you must tend to the plants to prevent them from growing into a rainwater tank.

Paint Artwork on a Tank — Today, manufacturers have realised that customers do not just want a tank to collect rainwater. Besides functionality, property owners prefer tanks with aesthetic value. It explains why coloured rainwater tanks have become popular lately. However, why invest in a plain-coloured tank when you can paint a mural over the one you have? It is relatively easy because there is no right or wrong way to paint a rainwater tank. For example, if you install a rainwater tank close to your home's hedge, you can paint it green to blend with the background. On the other hand, if a tank is close to a patterned wall, paint the design on the container's sides.

Use Screen Slats — Wood or bamboo slats are another inexpensive but creative option for enhancing your tank's appearance. Notably, screening rainwater tanks with wood or bamboo slats is suitable for smaller models. All you have to do is join several slats using a wire or a cable and then install the finished screen around a tank's sides. Once complete, a wooden or bamboo slat screen will transform a rainwater tank into an art piece. However, you need to be careful to avoid damaging a tank's outside surface.